Services rendered by the pension Division

  1. Preparing Civil Pension

  2. Preparing W & Op Pension

  3. Issuing pensioners' Railway Warrant

  4. Issuing salary details for pensioners 

Preparing Civil Pension

1.In case a public servant belong to the Divisional Secretariat Division Mallawapitiya is retired sending the file of the said person to the Department of Pension by the relevant institute.

2.The pension of the relevant institute is prepared and paid by the Department of Pension. (payments are made through Pension Data Base)

3.Subsequently the said file shall be sent to the relevant Divisional Secretariat by the Department of Pension.

4. The relevant institute shall check the information through the Annexed Format No. 1 and take action to collect the required documents from the pensioners.

Preparing W & Op Pension

  1. In case a civil pensioner is deceased checking whether the said civil pensioner was registered at the relevant pension scheme.

  2. If the pensioner concerned has made contributions handing over the documents specified in the Annexture Format No. 02 to us.

  3. Verifying accuracy of the documents and entering the relevant information through Civil Pension Number to the relevant data base and preparing and paying the W & Op through reported system.

  4. The Widow gratuity shall be paid by the Department of Pension and the relevant Widow file shall be sent to the relevant Divisional Secretariat.

Obtaining a Railway Warrant for pensioners

  1. Pensioners belong to the relevant Divisional Secretariat Division shall register at the data base of the relevant Divisional Secretariat through PD 07 Format to obtain a Railway Warrant . ( in case the both are pensioners only one shall register)

  2. Registration should be made only once through the said format and refilling of format shall be not required when obtaining a Railway Warrants for the second time. Information such as the Pension Number, National identity Card Number, Outset and Destination of the travel and traveling days only should be furnished.

  3. Subsequently, the Railway Warrant shall be issued through online.

  4. 03 sets of Warrants shall be issued per person annually.

Issuing salary particulars for pensioners

  1. Furnishing a request letter including the Pensioner's Number by the pensioners for us.

  2. Accordingly, monthly salary particulars and annual salary particulars are sent through online.

Application for a free Railway Warrent PD7


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