Administration of lands

           The land area of the Divisional Secretariat Division of Mallawapitiya is 47.05 miles in extent. The overall land   has been mainly used for habitation, crop cultivation and other developmental projects. The following tasks are carried out by the officers for the effective management of the overall land.   


1. Preparing a Grant (A land for which a permit has been issued).

2. Nominating the successor of a Grant or a Permit.

3. Legalization of unauthorized lands.

4. disposal of Grants.

5. Correcting discrepancies of Grants.

6. Providing lands for the Departments of the governments

7. Letting the yield of lands

8. Sending recommendations for letting lands on long term basis.

9. Issuing permits for lands considering annual lease.

10. Transferring the first ownership of a Grant (after decease )

11. Granting the permission for keeping a Grant as a surety

12. Acquisition of lands

13. Effective management of government lands

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