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An Excellent Public Service For  you.

Our Mission

Upliftment of community life in the locality,through efficient sustainable planning development activities with the co-operation of the community and the co-ordination of the resources for the provision of the Services in keeping with the Government Policies.

 • Managing physical resources, financial resources and human resources in accordance with the government policies and implementation of development projects to uplift the living standards  of the people in the area. 

• Being and active pioneer by performing social welfare and social development activities 
• Food production and fulfilling the housing needs of the people through the management of government lands
• Further strengthening of civil administration for peace and reconciliation of the division.
• Making service activities of the institute and division more efficient by regularizing the activates of information technology
• Directing general administration efficiently and effectively.
• Directing financial management efficiently and effectively.
• Directing planning and economic development activities efficiently and effectively.


Geographical and Administrative Situation.

Kurunegala or “Ethugalpuraya” which is situated close to a rock in the shape of an elephant is the historical capital of the North Western Province.

The Mallawapitiya Divisional Secretariat is situated close to the Kurunegala town, which is in the South East of the Kurunegala District.  The boundaries of this Secretariat are the Kurunegala Secretariat to the North Ibbagamuwa Divisional Secretariat to the west and the Polgahawela Secretariat.  The Mallawapitiya Secretariat earlier belonged to the Kurunegala electorate but now if belongs to the Mawathagama Secretariat.  This area includes Mahagalbada Megoda Korale South and the East of Thiragandahaya Korale and is 47.5 square miles in extent.  This area is composed of 45 Grama Niladhari Divisions.  The highest mountain range of the North Western Province, the “Handurukkanda” and the “Tampane” reservoir which never dries up are situated in the Mallawapitiya Divisional Secretariat.  These add to the natural beauty of the area.

Historical Background

Once there was a beautiful village called “Mee Banda Ella” which was the resting place for people who were engaged in their lively hood.  It is obvious  the forest in the Mallawapitiya area supplied the honey to these beehives.  Accordingly to the ancient period of kings this area had been the center of education.  This had been the area where king Kashyapa and Mugalan had organized their armies.  According to the folklore it is evident that these two once was engaged in war without weapons.  This area therefore was the center  for “Mallawapora” and the name was changed from to Mallawapitiya.

Archeological Heritage

We have learnt from Red Indian Chief  siyatel statement.  That does not build create new things and one that does not appreciate the historical heritage cannot develop as nation.  The Mallawapitiya divisional Secretariat too has a history that we can be proud of.  This is revealed when we consider the archeological evidence found in this area.  While in the process of development the historical heritage is still apparent.

The Walasgala Ancient Temple

This temple which creates religious devotion in Buddhists dates back to king Soorathissa’s period.  According to Mahavansa, this temple was built by king soorathissa and consisted of cave temples which were the abode of many adamants, stone inscriptions and footprints similar to that of the Buddha.

Thambugala Ancient Temple

This temple which has an ancient Bo tree was built during the reign of King Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe.  The ancient “Tampita” temple which is found here shows the pride of our ancient period.

The Kahatapitiya Warelle Temple

This temple which helps to evoke virtuous feeling in the present day society is in the No 731 Kahatapitiya Grama  Niladari Division.  This temple built during the last phase of the kandyan Kingdom has an ancient hall used for preaching the Dhamma.  The “sangharaja Saducharya” supplies this information.  This temple evokes serene feelings among people.

The Maraluwawa Sri Pushpadeva Arahantha Ancient Temple

While showing the prosperity of the ancient period this temple still continues to foster religious devotion among people.  This temple which belongs to the Anuradhapura period was started during king Devanampiyathissa’s reign and was completed during king Dutugemunu’s period.  This is revealed by the stone inscriptions and the cave temples and inscription written on barony.  These reveal a period of prosperity.

Badagamuwa Ancient Temple

This temple situated in the No 722 Thorayaya Grama Sevaka Division, belongs to the Kandyan area.  This temple situated in the Mallawapitiya Divisional Secretariat division is evident of the pride of our ancient history.

 Natural Beauties

Sri Lanka being a tropical county is among the countries that get two monsoon rains and two intermittent rains throughout the wear.  We also have three types of climatic conditions such as wet, dry and semi arid climates.

Anyone travelling from Point Pedro to point Thangamankanda of Sri Lanka will experience these varied climatic conditions.  Similarly, the Mallawapitiya Divisional Secretariat area can be considered as a small state which experiences varied climatic conditions.  Even then, this area has a special climatic condition when considering the climate of the Grama Niladharidivisions, Hangava No.726, Pillawa Watta 723, Ranawana 730, and Udagama divisions have a tropical climate.  No.728, Maddegama East 729, Maddegama West have dry climate.  When considering the other divisions, they have a salubrious climate enriched and have a wet tropical climate.  This area has the following places and small end large forest areas which are charming.

Handurukkanda (Small Horton Plains)

This mountain range can be considered as one that brings scenic beauty to this area.  It has the same climate conditions of the central hills.  This being the highest mountain range of the North Western Province is 2500  Meters above sea level.  This area is endowed wild indigenous plants, a variety of animal species and rare plants like red sanldewood, Bin Kohomba etc.  Two types of mushroom that are of medicinal value are also found here.  Different types of deer also live in this area, and because of the salubrious climatic conditions this area is called the “Small Horton Plains)

The Tempane Reservoir

This natural spring which supplies water to thousands of people, Animals of this area is considered to have been since the time of king Walagamba.  When thinking of the beautiful reservoir, we were reminded of the “Manasa Vila” in a Jathaka story.  This beautiful gift of nature which is surrounded by greenery never dries up and it supplies water to the kurunegala town.

The Badagamuwa Reservoir

Due to high rate of consumption natural resources admonish.  But as Sri Lanka Buddhists are close to nature they plant trees as duty.  As a result t the Badagamuwa reserve originated.  It is  hectares in extent.  It has all the characteristics of a wet zone forest.


It’s a known fact that even a huge mansion should be built on a strong foundation.  Although the Mallawapitiya Divisional Secretariat which is a huge mansion, is like a huge tree now, but earlier it had been a small plant.  So we mention that below:

This office begun in 1990 and this small office were established near the Hewapola Kanitu Viduhala on 07th of May.  Later came to the new building on 12th of August 1991.  The predecessor was Mr.R.M.B.R.Monnakulama who was a farsighted administrator, later his service was handed over duties, responsibility to current secretary Mr.N.A.A.S. Priyankara.

Role performed at Divisional secretary

Name Since To

Mr.W. Jayawardhana



​ Mr.R. M. B. R.  Monnekulama



Mr.Nimal  Kotawalagedara








Mr.N.A.A.S. Priyankara 2019 Up to now


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